Extramót 2014: The first draw of the startlist has been published 20.10.2014
The Extramót 2014 is well visited with more than 200 swimmer from 10 clubs.
The first start list has been published. Please klick right on the logo or
Kolbeinn Hrafnkelsson og Hrafnhildur Lúthersdóttir sundmenn ársins 2013/14 20.10.2014
Kolbeinn Hrafnkelsson and Hrafnhildur Lúthersdóttir are the "swimmer of the year 2013/14".
They and many other swimmers were honored on the last uppskeruhátíð, where over 100 swimmers with their families and friends were celebrating an exciting and successful season 2013/14.
Bikarkeppni 2014: SH again strongest team in Iceland 20.10.2014
Sundfélag Hafnarfjarðar is again the strongest swim team in Iceland after 2013 and 2001 the last time.
In all points of the actual bikarkeppni SH places first with 30.871 points before ÍRB with 28.994 points.
In the single men´s competition SH won with 15.019 points before ÍRB with 13.142.
The women placed second with 15.466 behind ÍRB with 15.852 points.
Hausmót Ægis with 46 SH swimmers 02.10.2014
The next weekend 46 SH-swimmers will race in the Hausmót Ægis in Laugardalslaug.
13 years and older will compete Saturday and Sunday from kl. 9.00- ca. 13.00 (meet at kl. 08.00).
12 years and younger will compete on Saturday afternoon from kl. 14.00 (meet) -ca. 18.00.
Hausmót Ármanns: Kolbeinn Swims Cut For HM25 02.10.2014
Hausmót Ármanns offered a tough test for the younger Hákarlar and Sverðfiskar, and good racing chances for the older ones. Several Háhyrningar got an extra chance to prove their baksund abilities.
Kolbeinn Hrafnkelsson swam the best result over 50m baksund in 0.26.02, which is 0.58 seconds under the B-cut for the HM.
Boys and girls were winning all 800m and 50m skriðsund races.
Sprengimót Óðins: Explosive Seasonal Begin for SH´s Senior Sprinters 02.10.2014
5 SH-Hákarlar participated successfull in the first swimming competition of the season in Óðin´s Sprengimót in Akureyri. They won all first three places in four events, and the 4x50m fjórsund and flugsund relays.
2 more medals, 2 more Records in Doha for Hrafnhildur 28.08.2014
Hrafnhildur Lúthersdóttir established on her last day of the season 2014 2 new Icelandic records and won one silver and one more bronze medal in Qater, Doha's World Cup.
Doha, Qatar: Heimsbikarinn - Brons - Íslandsmet 27.08.2014
Hrafnhildur Lúthersdóttir continues her successful summer swimming holidays: with the third place over 100m bringusund she established a new Icelandic record in 25m pool in a time of 1.06.88.