Alcan Jólamót finishes with Record Participation and 8 Icelandic Agegroup Records 16.12.2018
The Alcan Jólamót offered the last chance of racing in this year and saw a record participation of 220 swimmers, who performed with many personal best times and showed nice improvements in all disciplines.
Daði Björnsson established three new Icelandic drengjamet:
100m fjórsund (1.01.35), 100m bringa (1.06.70) and 50m skriðsund (0.25.03)

Birnir Freyr Hálfdánarsson improved four Icelandic sveinamet:
100m fjórsund (1.04.83), 200m skriðsund (2.03.87), 50m baksund (0.29.73) and 100m flugsund (1.03.91).
Magnús Konráðsson established a new garpamet 40-44 years old in 100m skrið with 0.59.73.

The final highlight was set with the family-relay over 3x25m swimmig and 31 teams racing for their cups.

Congratulations to all swimmers for heir good results and a big thanks to all referees, starfsmenn, supporters and helpers.