Įsvallamót 2018 is finished - Have a safe trip home 08.04.2018
250 swimmer from 15 Icelandic clubs competed for international qualifying times, medals, meet records, ÍM-qualifying times and personal best times in Ásvallalaug, Hafnarfirði.

Congratulations to all swimmers and their coaches for the good results!

Some highlights of the competition were:
- EM-lágmark for Predrag Milos in 50m skriðsund in 0.23.22 (cut 0.23.26)
- YOG-B-lágmark for Jóhanna Elín Guðmundsdóttir in 50m flugsund in 0.29.00 (cut 0.29.07)
- NÆM-lágmark for Kristín Helga Hákonardóttir in 200 and 800m skriðsund
- Icelandic Sveinamet for Birnir Freyr Hálfdánarson in 400m fjórsund in 5.31.90

All together 35 referees guaranteed a fast and fair competition, organized by Stefán Kristófersson and Ragnheiður Birna Björnsdóttir.
Sundfélag Hafnarfjarðar wishes to thank the efforts from all referees very very much.
SH likes also to thank all their supporters and helpers in and around the pool and in the kitchen, as well as in the technical room, last-call-room and the shop.

This is the link to all information of the meeting (results and downloads).