San Marino - a golden place to be - day 4 of the Small Nation Games 02.06.2017
Hrafnhildur Lúthersdóttir swims over 400m fjórsund in 4.55.05 and wins her 4th individual gold medal. She wins gold as well in the 4x100m skriðsund relay with the Icelandic women‘s team, which adds up to 7 gold medals in total for these games.

Silver goes to Aron Örn Stefánsson with the men‘s relay over 4x100m skriðsund and a new Íslandsmet

One great 4th rank for Hafþór Jón Sigurðsson over the maraþon distance 1500m skriðsund in a time of 16.19.55.

Viktor Máni Vilbergsson swam a brilliant 400m fjórsund in 4.49,89 with a 5th place– a race he never did before in a 50m pool and only 12 years ago in Akranes in the 25m pool.

Congratulations as well to all members of the Icelandic Swim Team for todays results: Sunneva Dögg (400m fjórsund), Þröstur (1500m skrið), Bryndís (800m skriðsund), and the relay teams in 4x100m skriðsund kvenna (Bryndís Rún, Eygló Ósk, Sunneva Dögg) and karla (Davíð Hildiberg, Kristófer, Kristinn).

All thanks for taking so good care of our swimmer and congratulations as well from SH goes to the staff of the swim team, teamleader Málfríður Sigurhansdóttir, the coaches Jacky Pellerin and Steindór Gunnarsson, the physiotherapist Unnur Sædís Jónsdóttir, and the SSÍ president Hörður Oddfríðarsson.