Fast Actavis International Open With Several Age Group Records 24.03.2013
240 swimmers from 17 clubs from Faroe Islands and Iceland raced on the 6th edition of the Actavis International Open in Ásvallalaug, Hafnarfjörður.
The most valuable performance showed Ingibjörg Kristín Jónsdóttir over 50m baksund in HM-qualifying time of 0.29.68, which she has to confirm on ÍM in three weeks.
Anton Sveinn McKee collected most points under the men over 400m freestyle in good 4.04.42.

Alone 3 Icelandic age group records were set over 800m skriðsund:
Arnór Stefánsson, piltarmet, 8.35.96
Ólafur Sigurðsson, drengjamet,9.12.96
Brynjólfur Óli Karlsson, sveinamet, 10.06.00

3 Faroese National Records were set, as well as one new Faroese age group record:

Brynjólfur Óli Karlsson established two more Icelandic sveinmet in 100m baksund (1.12.13) and 200m skriðsund (2.21.88).

Hjörtur Már Ingvarsson established a new Icelandic record for ÍF in the group S5 over 100m baksund in 1.56.10.

Here are all results in Hy-Tek format.

Here are all results in PDF-format.