Fantastic Days For SH Swimming 20.12.2021
51 swimmers competed the last days for great team and individual results. 51?
Yes, 50 swimmers in Reykjanesbær at the bikarkeppni and 1, Jóhanna Elín Guðmundsdóttir far away at the World Championships in Abu Dhabi (Congratulations again to her fine results).
All 50 swimmers in Reykjanesbær went home with a medal, also the swimmers of the first ever C-men's team. The C-team would have placed 5th in the first division, if more than the A-teams would be allowed there. The B-women's team would have placed there 5th as well.
  1. deild
    Karla - 1. SH-A
    Kvenna - 2. SH-A
  2. deild
    Karla - 1. SH-B / 2. SH-C
    Kvenna - 1. SH-B
No special reward is given anymore (since 2008) for the point highest team "samanlegt", men and women together. SH won this category with 29.415 points ahead of Breiðablik and ÍRB the 4th time in a row, and the 13th time at all. Also Ægir has won this category as well 13 times since 1987, when this form of Bikar and point system was established.
SH won bikarkeppni 1995 for the first time and has always been under the first 3 places since 1993.

Congratulations to Sunddeild Breiðabliks who won for their first time a bikarkeppni.

At bikarkeppni we swim and win for the team, and not always in our favorite events. And never forget the team around and with the swimmers, who are a part of our success all together: Staff (referees, assistants, camera-services etc.) as parents, friends and non competing swimmers, stjórn and all committees - they build a safe surrounding in which the swimmers can train and compete without any problems. Thanks to all of you - and again: you all are a part of this result as well!

That's all for now. Enjoy the next free days and then we begin with the next attack for great results and experiences.
Congratulations and all the best for you all - enjoy the free days until we make our first step to future challenges!