No Extramót 2018 without these many volunteers: A Big Thank To All Of You! 21.10.2018
16 swim teams brought 260 swimmers, who performed brilliantly. Congratulations to all of the swimmers and their coaches.
And a very big "Thank You!" to those teams, who guaranteed a fast and great swim meet. without them, such performances would not be possible:

- The Team of the Referees
Organized by Ragnheiður Birna Björnsdóttir all together 35 SSÍ referees acted through these 3 sessions and guaranteed a fair and fast competition.
FINA referee Viktoria Gísladóttir acted as well as the teacher for the new candidates for referees, who we welcome very much into this great SSÍ-team of referees.

- The Team of the Meals and Housing Service
Organized by the foreldrarfélag SH under Helena D. Olgeirsdóttir and Guðrún Magnea Gunnarsdóttir were all together 15 and more parents spending their weekend to serve our guests with breakfast, lunch and dinner, and as well snacks, pizza and all kinds of cakes, sandwiches and more in the shop. All warm meals were prepared by our well known cook Sigþór Marteinsson.
And that's not all. Serving meals seems to be one thing, and the other thing is staying longer and cleaning up all facilities. some long days, which began for some parents already at kl. 7.00.

- The Team of the Time Keeping, Information Service and Meet Organisation
Managed by formaður Karl Georg Klein 5 computer "nerds" run the smooth competition behind their monitors and in front of their keyboards, supported by further 5 parents and swimmers, who provided the competitors and spectators with the actual results in paper form on the wall, often faster than they appeared in the internet. And not to forget the staff in the keppendaherbergi, who make sure, that every swimmers meets on time and on the right lane in their right race.

- The Team of the Pool-Set-Up
Managed by coach Mladen Tepavcevic all swimmers of höfrungar, sverðfiskar and hákarlar had set-up and set-down the pool and facilities with chairs, tables, water supply and everything needed to make the pool as comfortable for all participants as possible.

- The Team of Ásvallalaug Staff
Always present and patient, setting up the pool with the 200 chairs and touch-pads, guaranteeing the correct water temperature and level (which seems to be easier, than it is). Endless cleaning and picking-up the left overs of the teams

Thank you all so much for supporting this big meet always and always again. We are sure, that every swimmer enjoyed their stay in Ásvallalaug, and we are sure as well, that you all have a part in these good results of each and everyone !

Klaus Jurgen Ohk