Small Nation Games - One Swimmer - Ten Years - 27 gold medals 02.06.2017

Monaco 2007 - Hrafnhildur Lúthersdóttir races her first time in the Small Nation Games, where she wins the 100 and 200m bringusund, which she never lost again. 2009 she wins as well the 200m fjórsund, and is undefeated since then as well. Her journey led her over Liechenstein (2009), Cyprus (2011), Luxembourg (2013), Iceland (2015) to San Marino (2017).

She collected in total 27 gold medals, 9 of them with the relay teams, and is now responsible and a part of 10% of all gold medals, the Icelandic swim team has achieved in the history of the Small Nation Games. Icelandic swimmers have collected during those years 269 gold medals in total, 179 silver and 150 bronze. 2017 they collected 12 gold, 4 silver and 8 bronze..
With 19 individual gold medals she takes the lead of the most successful Icelandic swimmer at the Games from her team-mate, Örn Arnason, who had collected 18 golds during his career.