SH-Ásvallamót 2017: Hrafnhildur Lúthersdóttir and Eygló Ósk Gústafsdóttir already in HM-shape 19.03.2017

240 swimmers from 11 clubs raced this weekend in the SH-Ásvallamót i Hafnarfjörður for HM-qualifying times, meet records, ÍM-cuts, medals and personal best times.

Hrafnhildur Lúthersdóttir and Eygló Ósk Gústafsdóttir were already in a good shape and established the qualifying times for the HM in the summer in Budapest: Hrafnhildur in 50 (0.31.55) and 100m bringusund (1.09.80), Eygló Ósk in 50, 100 (1.02.52) and 200m baksund (2.13.15).

Both swimmer broke as well several meet records on this 10th edition of a „SH International Meeting“: Hrafnhildur in 50, 100 and 200m bringusund (2.32.74) and 200m fjórsund (2.18.31), Eygló Ósk in 100 and 200m baksund.

Brynjólfur Karlsson (Breiðablik) established the qualifying time for NÆM (Norðurlandameistaramót Æskunnar) in the summer in Færeyar over 100m baksund (1.00.40).

More meet records were set by Inga Elín Cryer (Ægir) in 100m flugsund (1.03.87), the SH-sveit in 4x50m fjórsund blandað (1.53.67), Hafþór Jón Sigurðsson in 800m skriðsund (8.33.62), and Davíð Hildiberg Aðalsteinsson (ÍRB) in 50m flugsund (0.25.32). With this record Davíð Hildiberg won as well the point highest and most valuable performance trophee for the men in this competition (695 FINA points).

The point highest and most valuable performances of the women showed Hrafnhildur Lúthersdóttir in 50m bringusund (815 FINA points), closed followed by Eygló Ósk Gústafsdóttir in 200m baksund (808 points).

SH-Ásvallamót is the new name for the „SH International“, which is hold since 2008, the opening of the new Ásvallalaug in Hafnarfjörður. However, 2008 this meet was hold the first time in Laugardalslaug in Reykjavík, because the opening of the new pool was delayed until the September.
2010 saw the highlight of this meeting, when the „Small States of Europe“ met as well, and the „Small Nations´ Championships were included in this competition. Many meet records were established 2010 and 2008.