Sundhátíđ is finished: Sundmeistaramót with 200 swimmers and good races 16.05.2015
A good swim season was celebrated with the sundhátíð 2015 - the sundmeistaramót Hafnarfjarðar.
More than 200 swimmers and 500 spectators raced for good results, medals, and ot dogs at the end.
The new sundmeistara Hafnarfjarðar: Kolbeinn Hrafnkelsson achieved the pointhighest performance under the men, and Karen Sif Vilhjálmsdóttir under the women.

Please find all results under this link (PDF file).

Please find all pointhighest performances under this link (FINA points).

The detailled results of the age groups will be published on Monday.

A big thanks to all assisting friends:
The 16 referees, under the head referee Sigurður Óli Guðmundsson and the starter Örn Ólafsson -
The foreldrarfélag and stjórn for their important help with the shop and the hot dogs
The staff in the technical room for the computerskills, music and speaking
All the staff of Ásvallalaug for their preparation of the pool, and the assistance during the meet.