NMU í Svíţjóđ: Harpa´s Strong 800m skriđsund and 4th Place 13.12.2014
NMU in Sweden are on the way, and the 10-swimmer Icelandic team could already celebrate their first best times.
Harpa Ingþórsdóttir broke the 9 minutes mark in 800m skriðsund on now 8.58,41, just 0,27 seconds away from the bronce medal. Already in the morning she improved her best in 200m skriðsund to now 2.07.47. Over 100m skriðsund she swum 1.00.36. 400m skriðsund on Sunday are left for her.
Katarína Róbertsdóttir swum 1.08.59 in 100m baksund; she has 200m baksund left to swim on Sunday.
Arnór Stefánsson performed 1.59.01 in 200m skriðsund, 0.54.64 in 100m skriðsund and will race over the 400m on sunday.
Hafþór Jón Sigurðsson performed a good 16.10,85 in 1500m skrið, and 400m skrið as well on Sunday.

Liveresults under this link.