CIJ-Meeting in Luxembourg successfully finished 08.05.2014
10 young SH-swimmers participated in the International Junior Championships of Luxembourg (CIJ-meet), and came home with many personal best times, races in the finals, medals and qualification times for the National team.

Ólafur Sigurðsson performed in excellence. He won in his agegroup with a tiny advance over 200m freestyle in 1.59.67, which means the qualification for the Nordic Youth Championships in the summer (NÆM).
His most valuable performance were his 1500m freestyle in 16.49.06, an improvement of 22 seconds and 643 FINA points, which gave him silver in the open class. Silver in his agegroup was awarded to him for his 100m butterfly in 1.01.62, an improvement of 1.64 seconds.

Harpa Ingþórsdóttir, already qualified for NÆM, confirmed her excellence with best times over 100 and 200m freestyle and the repeated qualifying times over 200, 400 and 800 freestyle for NÆM. She won brons in the open class over 800m freestyle (9.27.49) and silver in her agegroup over the 200m freestyle.

Sunna Svanlaug Vilhjálmsdóttir improved mostly over her favorite 100 and 200m breaststroke, where she won silver and brons medals.

María Fanney Kristjánsdóttir absolved a tough program, and qualified for three final races alone on Saturday, where she improved her best times as well: 200m butterfly, 100m breaststroke and 400m IM - that shows a good background for her. She won the silver medal on Sunday over the 200m breaststroke.

Katarína Róbertsdóttir improved her times in 100m freestyle and backstroke, placed three times in her agegroup finals. She won the brons medal over 200m backstroke.

Eyrún Agla Friðriksdóttir "exploded": she improved her 800m freestyle time with more than 20 seconds to now 9.59.33. Also her personal 100 and 200m freestyle records fell.

Ásdís Birta Guðnadóttir performed best in her favorite races, the 100 backstroke and freestyle, and the 200m backstroke, where she qualified always for her agegroup finals. Over 100m freestyle she confirmed her relay time of ÍM, and can now be proud of an 1.02-time. The minute is coming closer.

Two more final qualifications for Marian Catalin Ioneti over 100 and 200m breaststroke. He could improve his personal best times in all of his 4 races very clearly.

A little nervous on his first big international meeting was Jökull Ýmir Guðmundsson. But no problem for him, showing a good improvement over 100m breaststroke, and managing two good races in 10 minutes over 200m breaststroke and 100m butterfly. The 100m butterfly has been a special award for him, because of showing that much improvement of his technique in the training weeks before.

Cool in his mind and hot for racing was Hafþór Jón Sigurðsson, who couldn´t race and train for several months because of injury. He could even improve some of his very old best times, and was a major member of the 4x50m mixed relay teams.

The last member of the team acted as a referee. Sigurður Óli Guðmundsson collected observations and exchanged valuable information, how international competitions are managed outside of Iceland.

All results as a pdf-file are here.