Hrafnhildur finishes her first Olympics with the 15th rank in 4x100m IM 03.08.2012
For the final day of the Olympics excitement pur was offered from the Icelandic team.
After two great races of Sarah and Anton Sveinn, both close to their national records, the first time performance of an Icelandic relay was to begin.
Eyglo Osk Gustafsdottir started out just great with a new Icelandic record over the 100m backstroke, followed by Hrafnhildur Luthersdottir in a 1.09 over the 100m breaststroke, Sarah Bateman over 100m butterfly and Eva Hannesdottir in the freestyle.
Place 15 the result, the same place they were entered in at the first place.
Congratulations to all swimmers of Iceland to these results from Hafnarfjordur.
Congratulations and thanks as well to the staff of SSI and ISI, and especially to the coach Jacky Pellerin.

And one cherry on the top of the cake: Sarah Blake Bateman placed 16th over 50m freestyle with the same time as 2other swimmers. One more race to go in the swim off, 10 minutes after the relay. Great race again, and congratulations again for this second chance race.