HM í Dubai: 1.07.30 frá Hrafnhildi 17.12.2010
She started as 16th and finished as 16th just 6/100 of a second away from her own new record.
Hrafnhildur wanted to do better (of course), but she can be satisfied: to swim in this strong field on a first 25m World championships is an achievement, that nobody can take her away.
And she still had energy left on the last 25m, which is a good sign for the 200m.
Now the last focus will be on the 200m bringa on Sunday - will there be again a new record, and when: how much will be the improvement?

This is the game: send me your guess via e-mail: the closest will win the original mascot of the HM in Dubai!  How fast do you think Hrafnhildur will swim the 200m bringusund on Sunday morning? Please send your time suggestion to my e-mail:

Best regards from Dubai.